Friday, September 30, 2011



18. Dream: I was staying at a fancy hotel for a conference or something. I was supposed to go to a big dinner in the conference hall. I said something to a bellman or someone about having drinks in my room. I went to my room which was in a two story motel or apartment building on the first floor open to the outside. I crawled through a tight crawlway to get inside. Steve Martin had set out a bunch of plastic cups with ice and was pouring soft drinks in them. He said it would be $22.50. I pulled a big wad of paper out of my pocket and was trying to find some money in it. I eventually found a $20 and handed it to him counting twenty. I then pulled out a stack of $100s ($1000?) and put that back. He said "what was that?" I said that was an accident. He said I should be careful waving that kind of money around. I found a $5 and gave it to him and said keep the change. After he left I found another, more normal bundle of cash in my pocket ($50?). I was wondering if I should take the $100s to the hotel safe or if maybe it would be better to duct tape it to my back.

19.3608 20.1789 21.785 23.2028 26.622 27.716 28.1186

29.1741 The coke machine in the break room stole my dollar. I pushed the button for Barq's Root Beer - it said $1.35 but not sold out. I put in a $1 coin and two quarters. I pushed the button for Barq's Root Beer (20 oz bottle) again. It made a noise like it was trying to vend about 3 times, then said sold out. I pushed the coin return. It returned two quarters but not my dollar. I called the customer service number 405-323-3857 and left my number but I haven't heard back from them.
Mail: 1180 (Advertising: 415 (Junk: 165))
Breaking into making games

"The Worst Week of My Life" S2 (I)
 - #13 Saturday (12/23/2005)
B1. Something Borrowed

Video Game
The Stanley Parable (mod)
Radiator (mod)

AT&T Minutes
33/84/0/0 Txt of 200/200/0/0
64.4/113.49/26.48/0 MB of ∞/200/200/0 | 577 August min left
123 Anytime Used 3240 Left | 0 expire 9/8/2011
62 Nights & Weekends | 106 Mobile to Mobile Used
AT&T Minutes
Septmbr-total-day-m2m-n&w-mm-msg- net-+Billed
Me     -   76- 44- 24-  8- 0- 38- 90M-($0.00 200Msg)
Junie  -  173- 35-134-  4- 0-  3- 44M-($0.00+$0.60 200MB)
Chelsea-  119- 38- 61- 20- 2-124-123M-($0.00 200MB/Msg)
D/\N   -  259- 97-113- 49- 0-  0-  0M-($0.00+$0.00+$0.00)
Rollover:Prev 2663+This Month 486-Expired 0=Balance 3149
$3.329/gal, 7-Eleven #90, 1101 NW 10th St (G)(17)
$3.129/gal, Sam's Club #8289, 5510 SW 5th St (B24.9)(21)

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