Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 31

11. Junie and I left Oklahoma City. Lunch at Panera in Springfield, MO. Dinner at McDonald's in Effingham, IL. Spent the night at Radisson Indianapolis Airport.
12. Lunch at Burger King in Gas City, IN. Checked in at Extended Stay America Detroit/Sterling Heights, MI. Dinner with David's family in Romeo, MI.

13. Harvest Day in Romeo, MI. Rain. Lunch at Romeo Coney Island. Rode trolley, made scarecrows, got balloon animals. Dinner at Applebee's.
14. Lunch at hotel (takeout from Subway). Dinner with David's family at Chuck E Cheese.
15. Leftovers for dinner at hotel.
16. Dinner at Wendy's.
17. Lunch with David, Stacey, and Dylan at Olive Garden.
18. Lunch with David at Pantry. Dinner with David's family at McDonald's.
19. Breakfast from Tim Horton's. We take Little Caesar's to David's house and stay with his kids while he and Stacey go to Dave and Buster's.
20. Breakfast at Tim Horton's. Lunch, hayride, pumpkin picking, giant slide, petting zoo with David's family at Westview Orchards. Dinner with David's family at Taqueria El Michoacano.
21. Checked out of hotel. Lunch at Dairy Queen, Markle, IN. Spent the night at Holiday Inn Express, Fenton, MO. Dinner from McDonald's.
22. Lunch at Precious Moments Chapel cafeteria, Carthage, MO. Dinner at McDonald's Vinita Glass House, Vinita, OK.
23. Pumpkinville with Chelsea and Cadence.
25. Dinner with Chelsea, Dan, and Dan's dad at Tokyo.
26. Dinner with Chelsea, Dan, and Dan's dad at Oklahoma Station.
27. Bought $100 of candy at Sam's Club for Halloween. Pumpkinville with Junie, Chelsea, Dan, and Cadence followed by dinner at Abuelo's.
31. Halloween candy ran out at 7:15 pm. Bought Supreme and Three Meat pizzas from Little Caesars for dinner on the way home.
01 Batcave1048
Mail: 2422 (Advertising: 696 (Junk: 350))
Mesh Mixer
Factory made of Legos manufactures Lego cars


20. Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space, Carl Sagan (429)

DVD The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)

"Raising Hope" S3
- #3.1 Not Indecent, But Not Quite Decent Enough Proposal (10/2/2012)
- #3.2 Throw Maw Maw from the House, Part One (10/9/2012)
- #3.3 Throw Maw Maw from the House, Part Two (10/16/2012)
- #3.4 If a Ham Falls in the Woods (10/23/2012)
- #3.5 Don't Ask, Don't Tell Me What to Do (10/30/2012)

"The Mindy Project" S1
- #1.1 Pilot (9/25/2012)
- #1.2 Hiring and Firing (10/2/2012)
AT&T Minutes
0/0/23/5 Txt of 0/0/200/0
228.71/177.94/13.38/63.17 MB of ∞/200/200/300 | 256 October min left
444 Anytime Used 4778 Left | 445 expire 11/8/2012
214 Nights & Weekends | 197 Mobile to Mobile Used
AT&T Minutes
October -totl-day-m2m-n&w-mm-msg- net-+Billed
Me      - 294-108-139- 47- 0-  0-186M-($0.00)
Junie   - 247-105- 96- 46- 0-  0- 39M-($0.00+$0.00 200MB)
Chelsea - 133- 48- 61- 24- 0-176- 99M-($0.00 200MB/Msg)
D/\N    - 158- 13- 18-127- 0-  2- 37M-($0.40+$0.00 300MB)
Rollover:Prev 4497+This Month 426-Expired 401=Balance 4522
Off-net minutes 123 (over 250 = 0 ($0.00))
$3.769/gal (91), Casey's General Store, Springfield, MO (T27.3)(11)
$3.899/gal (92), Pilot #165, Effingham, IL (T30.6)(11)
$3.979/gal (91), Valero, Gas City, IN (T29.6)(12)
$3.929/gal (93), Meijer #55, Sterling Heights, MI (T28.9)(13)
$3.699/gal (93), Marathon, Sterling Heights, MI (T25.6)(18)
$3.599/gal (93), Marathon, Sterling Heights, MI (T25.6)(21)
$3.699/gal (91), J&B Food Mart, Markle, IN (T27.9)(21)
$3.479/gal (93), Quiktrip #642, Fenton, MO (T30.6)(21)
$3.619/gal (91), EZ Go #46, Vinita, OK (T25.9)(22)
$3.219/gal (91), Sam's Club #8289, 5510 SW 5th St (T25.3)(27)

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