Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 15, 2015

1x 3.1345 4b.861 7bx.1636 9.289 11.726 14bs
Mail: 1890 (Advertising: 593 (Junk: 555))
I had gotten a job at another company again. I had a room with a bed that appeared to be sharing with someone. I had stuff scattered around and I unpacked a little bit of my stuff. I met a few people and then I went out to the lunch area and it was raining a little bit so was under a shelter and I asked somebody if it was okay to take pictures. I went up some steps and ran into Richard and it was apparently the steps of the apartment that he lived in but he said hi and then he went back inside. I went back to my room and the light had been turned out so I turned it back on and I noticed there was somebody in the next room. They came in and told me I had missed a call. I picked up a little rock from a pile that was apparently the phone and made it redial the last number that had called and was Chelsea and she said that mom had charged something on her credit card and she didn't know where that had come from at first. Then I started thinking about all the stuff of mine that I needed to clear out from my job at the XYZ and I needed to call My Manager and arrange to do that. And I went to another room where some of the wooden floors have been torn up and there was apparently a raised wooden floor on iron grates. There was water standing on part of the floor and some towels lying around to soak it up. I picked up a towel and put it down to soak up some water that was still standing.

3. A Deepness in the Sky, Vernor Vinge (608)(6)

The Imitation Game, Tinseltown (2 @ $4.25)

Edge of Tomorrow (AKA: Live Die Repeat)(AKA: All You Need Is Kill) (2014)(8)

1. Fools Rush In (1997)(6)

2. Stephen King's A Good Marriage (2014)

3. The Other End of the Line (2008)(7)

4. Elsa & Fred (2014)(14)

5. The Butcher's Wife (1991)

6. "Adventure Time" S1
- #01.02 Trouble in Lumpy Space (4/5/2010)

"Castle" S7
- #07.13 I, Witness (2/2/2015)
- #07.14 Resurrection (2/9/2015)

"Better Call Saul" S1
- #01.01 Uno (2/8/2015)
AT&T Minutes (February 17)
9/24/30/4 Txt = 67 of ∞
70/82/60/9 Min = 221 of ∞
0.18/0.04/0.04/0.06 GB = 0.32 GB of 19.03 GB Total (Includes 9.03 GB Rollover)
$1.779/gal, 7-Eleven #82, 3200 N Classen Blvd (F23.6)(2)
$2.149/gal P91, Sam's Club #8289, 5510 SW 5th St (T25.5)(9)
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  1. I like your dream and your picture of cans of soup. Sorry if this posts twice, I tried to before but it didn't seem to work so I'm trying again.