Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 15, 2015

2b. Since I was taking my usual day off on Friday, Junie asked me to join her at her line dancing class. It was mostly fun other than not being able to keep up with a lot of the steps.
3. Auditioned for a part in "Greetings!" at Carpenter Square Theatre.
4b. Callbacks at Carpenter Square.
5b 6.23300
7. The ongoing demolition/construction around our office kind of peaked on Wednesday. Three of our four stairwells have been shut down for various reasons. One is under the skylight which is filled with scaffolding while they are attempting to remodel/replace it. One was puddled with a mysterious pink fluid that started soaking into the carpet in the hallway, so they took up several squares of carpet exposing the adhesive underneath. One needed its own repairs of rubber treads that were loose or broken. This is in addition to eight of our nine exits being closed for various reasons. One is under the skylight scaffolding. One leads into the older part of the building that's been in the process of being gutted and remodeled for several years. Three used to lead onto sidewalks adjacent to streets that are being torn up (in some cases by mistake we're told). One leads to a skywalk that is now also being gutted and remodeled. One is adjacent to an exterior that they are tearing of and replacing with something new. One has been taken over by construction workers to bring in material for their construction. The remaining entrance could be reached by threading your way between construction vehicles and yellow tape. There was a boom lift carrying construction workers and materials overhead. Our manager came into the office and announced we were welcome to telework. For the rest of the week if we chose. So I did.
8. Teleworking.
9. Teleworking. Got a call from Freihofer Casting mid morning Friday asking me to report to the Gosnell movie shoot on Saturday. Pam told me to accept, and that she would get a ride to the wedding we were invited to on Saturday.
Gosnell Movie
10b. The instructions were for me to show up at the First Baptist Church (1201 N. Robinson Ave) at noon Saturday. They cast me as a spectator for the courtroom scenes. They ended up using the spectators at around 4pm. They let some of the people leave then had plain ham or turkey sandwiches from Subway at about 5:30. We did another spectator scene at around 9pm and then let us go around 11:15 pm after asking if I could come back on Monday.
11b. On Sunday, Pam and I had lunch at Gattitown with Dad, Reggie and Janelle, and Paul.
12. Showed up at the Church on Monday at 1pm for more spectator scenes. They did several scenes with the jury. They brought in 1 sausage, 2 cheese, and 4 pepperoni pizzas from Domino's. They called in the spectators for a scene at about 7:30. At 8:15 they decided to make me into a clerk who helps cart evidence into the courtroom. At 8:45 Rhonda Clark called and offered me a part in "Greetings!" at Carpenter Square Theatre. Eventually they got to my clerk scene and then let us go about 1am.
13. I didn't hear from the casting people on Tuesday.
14. I thought about going to work on Wednesday but I decided to stay home. The casting person text messaged me at 2pm and asked if I was available at all. I said "Yes, I can come in." They asked me to wear my same wardrobe from Tuesday. Pam offered to go to my programming class and proctor my mid-term exam for me. I got to the set at about 2:30. There were a lot more spectators there and the green room was very noisy. They did several scenes with jury and spectators. They finally got to my scene after midnight and I was wrapped at 1am. The casting person apologized that I had to come in so early to finally film a scene so late, but I guess that's the way it goes in the movie business.
15. The AT&T U-Verse technician came by on Thursday to install U-Verse TV Family channels. Junie wanted the Hallmark Channel movies so I took advantage of their 12 month discount offer.
Mail: 814 (Advertising: 419 (Junk: 70))

15. Armada, Ernest Cline (368)(10)

"Futurama" S7
- #07.06 The Butterjunk Effect (7/18/2012)(3)

"Everybody Loves Raymond" S3
- #03.18 Ray Home Alone (2/22/1999)(3)
- #03.19 Big Shots (3/1/1999)
- #03.20 Move Over (3/15/1999)
- #03.21 The Getaway (4/5/1999)
- #03.22 Working Girl (4/26/1999)(6)
- #03.23 Be Nice (5/3/1999)
- #03.24 Dancing with Debra (5/10/1999)(9)
- #03.25 Robert Moves Back (5/17/1999)(10)
- #03.26 How They Met (5/24/1999)(11)

1. Puncture (2011)(8)

2. "Everybody Loves Raymond" S4
- #04.01 Boob Job (9/20/1999)(11)
- #04.02 The Can Opener (9/27/1999)
- #04.03 You Bet (10/4/1999)(13)
- #04.04 Sex Talk (10/11/1999)(14)
- #04.05 The Will (10/18/1999)
- #04.06 The Sister (10/25/1999)
- #04.07 Cousin Gerard (11/8/1999)(15)
- #04.08 Debra's Workout (11/15/1999)
- #04.09 No Thanks (11/22/1999)
- #04.10 Left Back (11/29/1999)
- #04.11 The Christmas Picture (12/13/1999)

3. "Pioneers of Television" S4
- #04.05 Robin Williams Remembered (9/9/2014)(13)

4. Reasonable Doubt (2014)(13)

"Last Man Standing" S5
- #05.01 The Wolf Returns (9/25/2015)
- #05.02 Free Range Parents (10/2/2015)
- #05.03 Ping-Pong (10/9/2015)

"The Big Bang Theory" S9
- #09.03 The Bachelor Party Corrosion (10/5/2015)
- #09.04 The 2003 Approximation (10/12/2015)

"Life in Pieces" S1
- #01.03 Sleepy Email Brunch Tree (10/5/2015)
- #01.04 Prison Baby Golf Picking (10/12/2015)

"Castle" S8
- #08.03 PhDead (10/5/2015)
- #08.04 What Lies Beneath (10/12/2015)

"Rick and Morty" S1
- #01.06 Rick Potion #9 (1/27/2014)(8)
- #01.07 Raising Gazorpazorp (3/10/2014)
- #01.08 Rixty Minutes (3/17/2014)
- #01.09 Something Ricked This Way Comes (3/24/2014)(9)
- #01.10 Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind (4/7/2014)
- #01.11 Ricksy Business (4/14/2014)

"Rick and Morty" S2
- #02.01 A Rickle in Time (7/26/2015)(12)
- #02.02 Mortynight Run (8/2/2015)
- #02.03 Auto Erotic Assimilation (8/9/2015)
- #02.04 Total Rickall (8/16/2015)(14)
- #02.05 Get Schwifty (8/23/2015)
- #02.06 The Ricks Must Be Crazy (8/30/2015)
- #02.07 Big Trouble in Little Sanchez (9/13/2015)
- #02.08 Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate (9/20/2015)(16)

"Mr. Show" S1
- #01.01 The Cry of a Hungry Baby (11/3/1995)(14)

Unbroken (2014)(3)(DVD)
AT&T Minutes (09/20)
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Junie   - 120-109-  0- 11- 0-225- 57M-($0)
Chelsea - 173-136-  0- 37- 0-391-251M-($0)
D/\N    - 304-243-  0- 61- 0-132-901M-($0)
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