Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 15, 2015

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3. I had been staying at a place where everyone pretended to be living in the past. All of the residents dressed in period clothing. I was coming by to pick up my luggage following my stay. There were new people living there who pretended I was a guest dropping by. They were they were having dinner. There was homemade bread baking so I got some of that. Then I had my luggage all piled up next to the street and there were cars coming by. They were getting too close to the luggage and I thought someone was going to hit it or someone would come along and steal it. I was trying to move it and hide it under a table farther from the road. The big suitcase had wheels on it. Not modern rollerblade type wheels, these were like spoked carriage wheels, bigger around than the suitcase itself. I was listening to an audiobook and Chelsea's voice broke in over it. I stopped the audiobook to talk to her. She was upset because I had left her dog tied up and he had gotten himself all tangled in the leash.

10. Podkayne of Mars, Robert A. Heinlein (157)(1)

11. Seveneves, Neal Stephenson (880)(7)

The Gift, Cinemark Tinseltown (2@$4.40)

1. The Skeleton Twins (2014)(1)

2. Bad Hair Day (2015)(4)

"Roseanne" S1
- #01.18 The Slice of Life (3/7/1989)(5)
- #01.19 Workin' Overtime (3/14/1989)
- #01.20 Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore (3/28/1989)
- #01.21 Death and Stuff (4/11/1989)(8)
- #01.22 Dear Mom and Dad (4/18/1989)(14)
- #01.23 Let's Call It Quits (5/2/1989)

3. "Vexed" S1
- #01.01 Honey Bee Killer (8/15/2010)(5)

4. Wet Hot American Summer (2001)(9)

5. Hurricane of Fun: The Making of Wet Hot (2015)

6. Kill Me Three Times (2014)

7. Casting By (2012)

8. Russell Brand: End the Drugs War (2014)

9. Russell Brand From Addiction to Recovery (2012)

10. Welcome to Me (2014)(11)

12. "Roseanne" S2
- #02.01 Inherit the Wind (9/12/1989)

13. Twist of Faith (2013)(15)

"Hannibal" S3
- #03.08 The Great Red Dragon (7/23/2015)(2)
- #03.09 and the woman clothed with the sun ... (7/30/2015)(6)
- #03.10 ... and the woman clothed in sun (8/6/2015)(9)

"Last Tango in Halifax" S3
- #03.06 Gillian's Wedding Day (2/1/2015)
$2.569/gal P91, Sam's Club #8289, 5510 SW 5th St (T21.9)(8)
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